1982 - Roman Africa - L'Africa romana


The Department of History of the University of Sassari has been engaged for a long time in a number of research projects focusing on Roman Africa and the connection between Sardinia and the Roman provinces during the Roman Empire, in particular based on epigraphic findings.

The activities developed in the framework of the Italy-Tunisia cultural agreement signed on June 8, 1982, and the Italy-Morroco cultural agreement signed on October 22, 1971, in collaboration with some important Tunisian (Institut National d'Archéologie et d'Art), Morrocan (Institut National des Sciences de l'Archéologie et du Patrimoine), Algerian (Service des Antiquités) and French (L'Année épigraphique, Antiquités Africaines, Groupe de recherches sur l'armée romaine et les provinces of Paris) institutions.

The results of such collaborations prompted the organization of the "L'Africa Romana" annual conferences. The initiative, now at its XVII edition, conceived and promoted by a group of scholars from the Department of History coordinated by Attilio Mastino and sponsored by the International Association of Epigraphies Grecque et Latine, initially took place annually and then biennial . The succession of the conventions and the immediate publication of  acts have made it possible to give international significance to these events, have greatly favored historical-epigraphic research and together have placed Sardinia at the center of the attention of scholars of Maghreb and Europe.

The island is now considered as the natural site to present the latest studies on the Romanization of African provinces and, more generally, on the Romanization of peripheral realities. From the earliest editions, the appointment was a privileged moment for comparing different knowledge and experiences, contributing crucially to the birth of a sardinian school of "africanists" affirmed internationally.

A study on the editions of the conference "Roman Africa" ​​was curated by Giovanni Cazzona in his thesis work (Giovanni Cazzona, Research of the University of Sassari in Roman Africa: 1983-2003, AA 2002-03, supervisors proff. Attilio Mastino and Piero Bartoloni, Faculty of Literature and Philosophy, University of Sassari).

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