2014 - Life under griffon wings

Life under griffon wings

The overall objective of the LIFE UNDER GRIFFON WINGS project is to improve the conservation status of the griffon vulture population in Sardinia. The specific goals are to:

Expected results:

  • Mitigate the shortage in carcass availability and increase the carrying capacity of the foraging areas;
  • Mitigate the risk of poisoning;
  • Enhance population viability via restocking; and
  • Reinforce the local wildlife rescue centre and reduce human disturbance in the reproductive sites.
  • Food availability increased for the griffon vulture population;
  • Number of poisonings decreased in the project area;
  • Local population rescued from a critical demographic situation;
  • Improved welfare of hospitalised griffon vultures;
  • High survival rates of the recovered vultures;
  • Skills, expertise and competences on large vulture protection increased within the competent public bodies and scientific community;
  • Increased productivity of the local population; and
  • Increased visitors numbers in the target sites.

Funding institutions