UNIMED Sub-Network on Food and Water


Food and Water are two cross-cutting issues of increasing importance in the Mediterranean region. In the context of agricultural production under climate change particular attention is given to the sustainable management of water, the use of innovative methodologies for monitoring and recovering degraded land areas, and the challenge of the integration of bioenergy and agro-industrial sectors in different rural contexts. Food and water are also cross-cutting for rural development, the mitigation of desertification plus socio-economic challenges such as poverty decrease in rural areas.
Thanks to the initiative of the University of Evora, UNIMED proposes the creation of a Sub-Network on Food and Water in order to gather information from and with university departments, research and documentation centers, scholars and independent researchers, and we are glad to invite your institution to participate in this Sub-network.
For additional information on the disciplines addressed by the sub-network, the main objectives and the procedures, please read carefully the attached document. In order to confirm your adhesion to this Sub-Network, I would be very gratefulif you could fill-out the attached form with some information about your current activities on the topic, and to send it back to unimed@uni-med.net. Please indicate also the contact person at your University for the activities of this Sub-Network. For this phase, we will accept the registration of interest until 31st July 2017.