Tuesday, 2 February 2021

MAECI: Join - IT portal for vacancies at international organizations

The new Join - IT portal, which stands for "Jobs International - ITALY", has been active for a few days. It is the new space on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for the search of working positions at International Organizations.

More than a real portal, it is actually the reorganization of a page that already existed in the website of the Foreign Office, where positions available at the IOs were listed. In this new version, it is possible to search for vacancies published by International Organizations, using appropriate filters, and to view a list with the necessary details to improve the experience of those who are looking for opportunities in this area.

In addition, a registration system has been implemented that will allow registered users to manage all their applications and report the progress status of an application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

However, the portal only facilitates the search activity, but does not allow you to send your application directly. Through Join - IT it is possible to carry out three types of search. The simple search has three filters: "IO Group", "IO Name", "Sector". This is the most immediate method to search for a position of interest. The advanced search is suitable to carry out a more targeted search with respect to the specific needs of the job-seeker; the filters that can be activated are: "IO Group", "IO Name", "State", "Language", "Experience", "Sector", "Geographical area", "Qualification". Finally, the keyword search allows the user to receive immediate feedback with respect to a specific expectation.

The portal, available in Italian and English, is accompanied by a mini-guide that provides instructions on the search engine, registration to the portal and the use of its features.