Security and International Cooperation

Il Generale di divisione Michele Pellegrino e il professor Massimo Carpinelli

The University of Sassari (Italy) is launching a new BSc Programme in "Security and International Cooperation"
The three-year full-time programme in "Security and International Cooperation" aims to equip students to work in management, coordination, training and control at national and international level, in the following areas:

  • Human rights and peace keeping
  • Environmental safety, food and health security

The programme takes an interdisciplinary approach and aims to meet the multifaceted demand for expertise from policy makers and from national and international organisations operating in food and water security, environmental protection and public health emergencies. 
The programme represents a highly innovative project in the Italian university education system. By approaching the concept of security from different perspectives and operational areas, the programme integrates social,-economic, legal and political sciences with technical and scientific disciplines, and puts particular emphasis on food, water, environmental and health security.
Potential participants in the programme in "Security and International Cooperation" are students with high school graduation (Maturità, Baccalaureat, Abitur, A-levels), who are interested in human rights, international cooperation, and security and may later seek an employment in international development, peace keeping operations, humanitarian intervention or natural disaster mitigation and relief. In addition, the programme will be of interest to former military staff and to Public Administration staff wishing to gain interdisciplinary skills in the area of humanitarian aid and civil protection.
At present, all courses are taught in Italian, but tuition in English for foreign students (e.g. Erasmus) may be provided if there is demand.

Moreover, free courses of Italian language and culture will also be offered to incoming students by the University Language Centre.
The enrolments for the academic year 2016/2017 will start on August 1.